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MOMO FESTIVAL : discover Rotterdam, new music and leading artists

From 13-15 April 2023 MOMO will take over Rotterdam again! Immerse yourself in the most exciting arts and performances and dance the night away to MOMO’s music lineup! Discover the most beautiful locations in Rotterdam and enjoy the sounds beyond the borders, with the most unique places in Rotterdam as the raw and unadulterated decor of MOMO festival.


Once again this year there are several theater premieres on the MOMO Festival program on the opening night of Thursday 13 April.


Theater Rotterdam on Schouwburgplein presents the new piece by acclaimed movement collective Amenti Theater Company, led by director and performer Gil The Grid.

The title of the new performance “Nom.Nos” (meaning ‘Call us’) evokes many people’s inquiry into their origins and roots. Many people’s original names have been left by their colonial past with the surnames of the settlers. It is inspired by and has a focus on the West African diaspora: myths, traditions and tribes of these cultures connect to contemporary existence through archetypal and universal narratives.


In dezelfde zaal vindt de première plaats van Maggot Brain II: een metafysische, poëtische reis en een onderzoek naar werelden die niet langer onderhevig zijn aan koloniale verbeeldingen. Mathieu Charles brengt met tekst, geluid, geur en beweging een ode aan de multidimensionaliteit van de Afrikaanse diaspora. Hij proeft verschillende mythologieën en kosmologieën om het idee van een diaspora-continuüm te traceren door bezeten landschappen.


Ook op het MOMO Festival 2023 kun je dans en multidisciplinaire optredens beleven zoals “If You Could See Me Now” van Arno Schuitemaker, het surrealistische en horror geïnspireerde “Tap Noir”, de voorstelling over zeemijnbouw “Out Of The Blue”, de Afro-futuristische show in 3D-stijl “PL3MONS” en nog veel meer!

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Motel Mozaïque is a cultural organization that organizes festivals and concerts in Rotterdam all year round. MOMO Festival in April is our largest festival, having been in existence for over 20 years. It is the festival for a crossover between genres in art, music and performance. We also organize guided tours, a free festival stage (MOMO Playground), a sustainability program and much more! The MOMO surprise factor never ceases to exist: every year our community grows and we go home with unforgettable MOMO moments.

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