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Looking for two 40+ extra actors!

Aangeboden: Looking for two 40+ extra actors!

Aangeboden door: Paris Petrou
Sinds: 24 januari 2018

What for?

For our new production “Amédée 2.0 or Love me and Leave me”, we are looking for two 40+ actors (one man, one woman) who want to join our team! During the actual performance, both actors will pretend to be technicians who help the theater group but, at the same time, play little side roles as well. The two actors will have to participate in at least 7-8 rehearsals with the whole group, all taking place Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 19:00-22:00 in ZIMIHC Wittenvrouwen during May and June 2018. We will give three performances in total, in Theater Kikker, Utrecht, in the weekend of 16-17 of June.

Please note: Our group is amateur/ semi-professional and there is no payment for the actors!

What do we search?

Extensive prior experience with acting with text is not necessary. Good acting is very important though! We are looking for actors with intense physical presence and strong non-verbal acting skills, the kind of presence on stage that attracts attention and/or comic relief. Both actors will have text as well.


The audition will take place in Utrecht, on Thursday 8th of February at 19:00-22:00 in 30-45min sessions (place t.b.a.). If you are interested, please, send us an extended bio (with samples of prior work and photos) at ludicrum.united@gmail.com. We’ll notify you asap if you are invited. Same email to ask questions!




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