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Looking for assistant director for English-speaking amateur group

Gevraagd: Looking for assistant director for English-speaking amateur group

Gevraagd door: Paris Petrou
Sinds: 25 maart 2017

I am looking for an assistant director to help me stage one of the least known theater plays of Eugene Ionesco. This production will be the first performance of a new English-speaking and multi-cultural theater group based in Utrecht. Our aim is having good time together while making high-quality theater! Ideally, the group will start rehearsing around September/October 2017 for a performance around May/June 2018.

Plus points for the candidate assistant-director: • Ability to direct with confidence a group of actors without text (e.g., warming-up or improvisation exercises).  • Ability to act partly as the “acting director” for a group of actors with text. • Passion for absurdist theater (e.g., Ionesco). • Ability to commit for weekly rehearsals within the aforementioned period (partial attendance can be discussed). • Experience with applying for subsidies in the Netherlands (excellent command of Dutch is highly appreciated).

If you want to know more about me, the production or the play, please feel free to drop me a line.

Interested? Please, send me your extended bio to: amedee.two@gmail.com

Kind regards, Paris Petrou

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