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Groep InPlayers International Drama Group

InPlayers International Drama Group

Naam Johan Statius Muller
Adres Postbus 11437
1001 GK Amsterdam
Website http://www.inplayers.org
InPlayers International Drama Group

Over deze groep


The InPlayers are Amsterdam's oldest English-speaking theatre company, having staged a broad repertoire of often innovative work for over sixty years now. From Shakespeare to modern classics to musicals to Seasonal Pantomimes to original works written by group members, the InPlayers have done it all.


On average the group produces three productions each season, and often also participates in events such as FEATS (the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies) and local one-act festivals.

Other activites

Between productions, the InPlayers host regular play readings and workshops, sometimes to assess whether a particular play should be brought to the stage, or to provide members with new skills, and often just for the fun of it.


Though the InPlayers productions are all in English, our membership is very much bi- or even multi-lingual. Native Dutch speakers are more that welcome, as are expatriates from a third-language background.

Membership is for anyone with an interest in theater, on stage or off, or as audience.  It is mandatory  for anyone performing on stage, Members are issued with a membership card which gives free access to workshops and play readings, a concession ticket for the shows and access to the aftershow party

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